Welcome to Pound Town, USA!

Welcome to PoundTownTalk.com, one shameless asshole’s chronicle of hilarious (or not so hilarious) trips to Pound Town. My real name is not important, but everyone calls me Toso. I am boisterous, obnoxious, impulsive and impertinent to social norms, but I have a really nice smile. Some of my hobbies include drinking, fornicating and laughing at my own jokes. I’ve been called names like “asshole”, “ jackass”, “dickhead”, “narcissist”, and my personal favorite, “the most repulsive fucking douche in the world”. But, in reality, I’m none of these things; I’m really just a guy trying to have a good time.

I’m the kind of guy that’ll laugh and poke fun at a friend’s heartbreak to help him get over his Ex, tell a girl she’s fat to save her from this country’s obesity epidemic, or comfort and counsel troubled young ladies with low self-esteem (and by “comfort and counsel” I mean “penetrate with my penis”)

Ok fine, so I am kind of an asshole and often I find myself in the midst of a preposterous sexual situation. It can be embarrassing, awkward, awesome or just downright disgusting, but always hilarious. These are the Pound Town Talk stories: Tales of rash and reckless behavior, vicious sluts and notorious journeys to Pound Town.

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